April 2019
PPG Cleanrooms is at BioExpo Turkey 2019 as a Main Sponsor

We are proud to announce our participation as a Main Sponsor at this year’s BioExpo Turkey 2019, which will be held between 17 – 19 April, at the ICEC Lütfi Kirdar International Congress & Exhibition Hall, Istanbul. 
BioExpo is a Forum of Life Sciences which includes; trade shows, special exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars, panels, industrial and technological presentations in the field of Bio-based scientific disciplines and industrial sectors. BioExpo creates a large scale “networking” opportunity and covers areas of Biotechnology, Laboratory & Analysis, Cleanrooms, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical industries.
We look forward to welcoming you at our stand so please come find us! It will also represent a good opportunity to speak to us face to face about any specific future Cleanroom plans you may have? Please email us at contact@polipanelgroup.com to organise a specific time-slot so we can ensure the right people are at hand to answer any specific queries you may have.
See you at BioExpo 2019!

March 2019
3 Day Training Course on safe use of Microbiological Safety Cabinets (MSC) Class II when dealing with Pathogens

PPG Cleanrooms will organize a 3 day training course in May 2019 on safe use of Microbiological safety cabinets (MSC) Class II for safely working with pathogens and also explaining the importance of introducing KI discus test as a method for validating the operator protection capabilities of the cabinet.
Please contact us at contact@polipanelgroup.com for more information and to book your seats.

February 2019

A very large multi-floor Turn-key project, for Pharmaceutical production purposes.
Current Status:
Installation stage approaching completion.

February 2019
DEM ILAC, Turkey

A large multi-floor Turn-key project, for Pharmaceutical production purposes.
Current Status:
Design stage completed.
Installation expected to commence soon.  

January 2019
CERTILABO, Cleanroom Validation Software

PPG Cleanrooms proudly presents CERTILABO, a software dedicated to qualification and validation of cleanrooms, mostly for use in the pharmaceutical industry, but could be for the health, microelectronics and food industry also. It is the first of its kind in the world. It is designed to reduce paperwork and the inefficient loss of man hours in the qualification process, digitalising the whole procedure, making it easier and more simple.
In view of strict International regulations and standards, the companies in the above-mentioned industries are obliged to perform periodic validation of their cleanrooms, so we believe our software would be of great benefit and value for them.

January 2019
PPG Cleanrooms launch new digitally controlled PASS BOX

Traditional Pass boxes have always tended to be mechanical and manual. Not anymore!
PPG Cleanrooms is proud to launch our new Pass Box, which incorporates a digital control panel that can take care of a number of clever functions. Please click Pass Box image or have a look under our Cleanroom Equipment menu for more information on this exciting new product from PPG Cleanrooms.

December 2018
MAM Project, Macedonia

A Turn-key project, building an entire cleanroom laboratory to be used in the production of Cannabis oil for medicinal purposes.

Current Status:
Installation completed.
Testing & validation to commence soon.

September 2018
PPG Cleanrooms was at CPhl Middle East & Africa 2018, Abu Dhabi

Did you get the opportunity to visit our booth at CPhI 2018, Abu Dhabi?

If so, we hope that you enjoyed your visit and the hospitality offered at our stand.

The exhibition was a great success for PPG Cleanrooms and it provided the opportunity to present our Turn-Key Cleanroom solutions to a wider audience in the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East & Africa region.

If you have further enquiries or in case you want more information in relation to how we can help with your Cleanroom requirements, please feel free to contact us at:


You can also engage with us online through our LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.