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Our cleanroom engineers work closely with your staff to ensure all your project requirements are accommodated at concept and planning phase. This also helps identify areas where potential cost-savings can be made in the early stages of your project.
Our goal is to design and construct cleanrooms that meet all your business requirements, meet all the relevant laws and regulations and ensure the most productive work space possible.
With over 30 years experience in pharmaceutical engineering, architectural, mechanical and control systems, our engineers combine all their knowledge and skill to achieve the desired cleanroom design for our clients..
PPG’s construction team usually includes a Project Manager an Operations Manager and a Construction Manager. With us you can easily track the status of your project, as we provide regular progress reports to our clients
The quality of our manufactured products are subject to regular production controls; we manufacture world-class products, with full guarantees of QUALITY, FUNCTIONALITY and RELIABILITY.
The key components for successful installation are EXPERIENCE and EXECUTION.
Having installed over 100 cleanrooms, we guarantee your cleanroom installation will meet all quality, regulatory and functionality requirements.
Having  designed and built your cleanroom, that is not the end of the job as far as we are concerned. The final phase of the process is the testing and validation of the cleanroom to ensure and certify that it is functioning according to the requirements of the client, whilst meeting all regulatory standards.
PPG offers full training to our clients to maintain the aftercare protocols, correct operation of mechanical systems, overall operation of the cleanroom and use of any control systems installed. Service agreements are also available where we can provide a periodic service to ensure the environmental performance of the cleanroom while extending the life of the mechanical equipment.