February 2021
New PPG Products in 2021
Downflow Booth (DFB)

PPG Cleanrooms continues to expand its Cleanroom product range in 2021 with the introduction of Downflow Booths (DFB) which are designed and manufactured in-house. Please click on the link to go to the product page for more information – DFB

January 2021
New PPG Products in 2021
Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

PPG Cleanrooms continues to expand its Cleanroom product range in 2021 with the introduction of Fan Filter Units (FFU) which are designed and manufactured in-house. Please click on the link to go to the product page for more information – FFU

Jan 2021
Happy New Year!

PPG Cleanrooms wishes everyone a prosperous New Year full of health and happiness.

December 2020
A visual recap to an unforgettable year.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Christmas & New Year from all of us here at PPG CLEANROOMS.

✨ 💫 🎄 🎊 🎉 🎁 🥂

December 2020
Seasons Greetings from PPG Cleanrooms

After what’s been one of the most difficult and challenging years that nobody could have foreseen just 12 months ago, PPG Cleanrooms would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas & New Year.

We hope that 2021 will bring much healthier and prosperous times to everyone on our delicate blue planet.

December 2020
PPG CEO to give talk on Monitoring & Managing Energy Consumption in Cleanrooms

Our CEO Miroslav Tonovski will be giving a lecture in TBM Evolution Group’s 3rd Annual Cleanroom Design and Engineering Forum which will be held over 2 days on 14 & 15 January 2021.

Mr Tonovski will provide valuable insight into Monitoring and Managing Energy Consumption in Cleanrooms. His talk will be on Day 1, at 9.10am CET (Central European Time).

In order to register for this event, please go to the official link and follow the instructions: https://tbmgroup.eu/product/3rd-annual-cleanroom-design-and-engineering-forum/

October 2020
PPG Production Facility 1

Meet PPG’s Production Facility 1 (we have 2). This was our first (they say the firsts are always special) and here we produce our self-sterilising garment cubicles (with UV lights inside), various models of Cleanroom LED lighting and Plenum boxes to suit all types of Cleanrooms and requirements.

We also have our Technology team at this facility, who oversee the production of our Smart Cleanroom Management Systems (such as Touch Panels, IO modules etc), our digital Passboxes and various prototypes currently in development.

To learn more, please get in touch with us at contact@polipanelgroup.com

You can also visit our InstagramLinkedIn & Facebook pages for the latest information!  🙋🏻

September 2020
Turn-key Cleanroom solutions specialists

Our clients repeatedly rely on our many years’ experience in providing complete Turn-key Cleanroom solutions and services which are fully compliant with international GMP requirements.

To learn more, please get in touch with us at contact@polipanelgroup.com

You can also visit our Instagram, LinkedIn & Facebook pages for the latest information!  🙋🏻

August 2020
Online Training by PPG Cleanrooms & CCSNM

At PPG Cleanrooms we enjoy sharing our experience and knowledge about Cleanrooms and Contamination Control.
For this reason, together with CCSNM who are members of the ICCCS, we have organised a 3 day online training course between 01 – 03 October 2020.

The topics which will be covered are:

– Design Construction and Start Up of Biosafety laboratories
– Risk Management in Cleanroom Operations
– Improving Contamination Control in Cleanrooms
– Computer System Validation

But please note spaces are limited – maximum 15 attendees – so be quick to register for the course by contacting us at:


August 2020
PPG Cleanrooms sponsors current Handball European Champions HC Vardar 1961 for the 2020/21 season

We are proud and privileged to announce a winning partnership for the upcoming 2020/21 season where we will sponsor the current European Champions in Handball HC Vardar 1961  🎉 🎉 🎊

We are very excited and wish the team all the best success for the new season ahead!   🙌🏼  👏🏼

July 2020
NAYA Convertible Cleanrooms

Our new Cleanroom system, NAYA Convertible Cleanrooms is a self-contained, modular unit, which integrates all mechanical and architectural requirements of a cleanroom within its own structure.

The system is specifically designed to be easily installed to a variety of different environments and be used in numerous potential applications. It is also fully compliant with international GMP requirements and can easily reach levels up to Grades D, C and B according to EU GMP.

To learn more, please get in touch with us at contact@polipanelgroup.com

July 2020
PPG Sponsors many key industry events

At PPG Cleanrooms we highly value opportunities to get out there and meet with individuals and firms from the Cleanroom and Contamination Control sector. This is why for a number of years now we have actively participated and sponsored many key industry events, exhibitions and expos on the international stage.

They provide us with the ability to share our knowledge and experience regarding all aspects of what goes into building Cleanrooms for a variety of applications and requirements.

This year, the global Covid19 pandemic has limited those opportunities. Which is why we are looking forward to BIOEXPO 2020 & 2021, where we are once again main sponsors.

July 2020
PPG’s MultiWall Partition System

We proudly present our MultiWall Partition System that we developed for our cleanrooms. The features of the system make our Cleanrooms ideal for use in pharmaceutical,electronics,manufacturing,biotech, food and research industries (to name some examples).

June 2020
PPG’s Smart Passboxes

Our Passboxes are manufactured for the most demanding controlled environments. All components are designed for maximum chemical resistance and enhanced durability. We have also incorporated our smart touch panel controller, which operates the door controls, lighting (regular & UV-C), digital environmental gauges, fan controls, settings controls and much more.

Inside, direct irradiation via UV-C lamps ensures all surfaces and surrounding air is sterilised. This physical (non-chemical) disinfection procedure means all bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi, mold and mites, which are all sensitive to UV-C radiation, are eliminated.

PPG’s Passthrough boxes are designed to be modular, enabling various configurations, to suit the requirements of any particular process. They are also fully CE certified and have passed Air Permeability test (EN 12207 EN 1026).

June 2020
Medicinal Cannabis Facility for Sinceritas EU

As an international company, we are proud to have a number of ongoing active projects under construction across Europe and we love seeing progress updates from them.

One such project is for Sinceritas EU, who are developing their state-of-the-art facility for cultivating and processing pharmaceutical-grade cannabis plants into medicinal products.

Being highly experienced in the delivery of many turnkey Cleanroom projects, we feel privileged to be able to share our knowledge and experience by making Cleanrooms that match our client’s requirements and that will also help them achieve their ambitious goals.

June 2020
We Are United Against Racism!

As an international company, we have a highly diverse workforce from a multitude of nationalities, faiths and backgrounds. The same can be said for many of our clients, past and present.

At PPG we STRONGLY believe in the equality of every human being regardless of their race, colour, gender, orientation or background. We DO NOT tolerate discrimination of any kind.

We are united in the stance against racism, injustice and brutality. Our sincere hope is for a truly united World one day.

May 2020
Committed to Innovation

Even during these uncertain and challenging times, we did not lose our will and drive to innovate new possibilities for the global Cleanroom sector!

This led us to launch a totally new modular, prefabricated Cleanroom system – NAYA Convertible Cleanrooms! Since our launch, we have had an incredible amount of interest and we are looking forward to even more exciting developments to come in the near future.

May 2020
New Turnkey Projects in Finland

We feel proud and privileged to have secured several new turnkey projects in Finland. Our new clients are long established international companies that provide a full range of pharmaceutical services around the world.

As always we are excited to utilise all our latest Cleanroom systems, technologies and our know-how to deliver a facility that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations and reach a quality we can be proud of.

April 2020
PPG is proud to launch NAYA Convertible Cleanrooms

Challenging times encourages us to be creative, whilst teaching us about compassion and solidarity, motivating us to focus on more practical and innovative solutions. For many years, PPG Cleanrooms has been serving the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries by providing successful Contamination control solutions. We are proud once again to be launching a brand new system: NAYA Convertible Cleanrooms.

For further information, please get in touch with us at contact@polipanelgroup.com

April 2020
Specialists in Contamination Control Services

PPG Cleanrooms specialises in Contamination Control services. Our tailor-made, prefabricated, modular system is designed in-house, where the ever changing needs of our clients are always at the forefront of our consideration.
We pride ourselves in our commitment to ongoing innovation to better serve our client’s requirements when it comes to Contamination Control solutions and developing their Cleanroom environments.
We also strongly believe that innovation does not have to come at the cost of speed. Which is why everything that leaves our production facilities and arrives on site is ready for fast installation by our experienced team.
Proud to say that this state-of-the-art biotech facility (4.500m2 classified area) was completed in 18months starting from scratch.So please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any cleanroom or contamination control questions or enquiries at contact@polipanelgroup.com

March 2020
COVID-19 Update

Even before COVID19, for many of us here at PPG Cleanrooms, Contamination Control was a way of life everyday regardless of whether you worked in one of our management teams, in one of our production facilities, in our marketing team or on one of our project sites. But now we have taken even further steps to ensure the safety of all our staff, whilst managing to continue operations across most of our departments and production facilities. So please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any cleanroom or contamination control questions or enquiries at contact@polipanelgroup.com

February 2020
BioExpo 2020 UPDATE

We were once again proud to be Main Sponsor of BioExpo in Istanbul in April 2020. However, in view of the Global COVID19 outbreak, this event has now been postponed to 16-18 September 2020. We hope that the worst of this crisis will be over by then and we look forward to seeing everyone in far better circumstances. Stay safe!

September 2019
A look back at BioExpo Turkey 2019

It is not just our turnkey cleanroom solutions that are World Class! At BioExpo Turkey 2019, we were one of the main sponsors as well as organising a very enjoyable cocktail event on the first day.

We will be back again as main sponsor in April at BioExpo 2020, so we hope to see you there!


July 2019
PPG’s strongest and most challenging year!

As an international company, 2019 is shaping up to be our strongest and most challenging year yet!
With multiple large scale turnkey projects across the EU, Turkey & the Middle-East, we feel you should certainly consider us when it comes to cleanrooms & cleanroom tech!
We even produce our own smart digital‬ ‪Control Panels‬, LED lighting & ‪Pass Boxes‬.
We can undertake every aspect of your proposed cleanroom from ‪concept,‬ ‪design‬, ‪manufacture‬ and ‪installation‬ through to ‪validation‬.


April 2019
PPG Cleanrooms is at BioExpo Turkey 2019 as a Main Sponsor

We are proud to announce our participation as a Main Sponsor at this year’s BioExpo Turkey 2019, which will be held between 17 – 19 April, at the ICEC Lütfi Kirdar International Congress & Exhibition Hall, Istanbul. 
BioExpo is a Forum of Life Sciences which includes; trade shows, special exhibitions, workshops, conferences, seminars, panels, industrial and technological presentations in the field of Bio-based scientific disciplines and industrial sectors. BioExpo creates a large scale “networking” opportunity and covers areas of Biotechnology, Laboratory & Analysis, Cleanrooms, Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical industries.
We look forward to welcoming you at our stand so please come find us! It will also represent a good opportunity to speak to us face to face about any specific future Cleanroom plans you may have? Please email us at contact@polipanelgroup.com to organise a specific time-slot so we can ensure the right people are at hand to answer any specific queries you may have.
See you at BioExpo 2019!

March 2019
3 Day Training Course on safe use of Microbiological Safety Cabinets (MSC) Class II when dealing with Pathogens

PPG Cleanrooms will organize a 3 day training course in May 2019 on safe use of Microbiological safety cabinets (MSC) Class II for safely working with pathogens and also explaining the importance of introducing KI discus test as a method for validating the operator protection capabilities of the cabinet.
Please contact us at contact@polipanelgroup.com for more information and to book your seats.

February 2019

A very large multi-floor Turn-key project, for Pharmaceutical production purposes.
Current Status:
Installation stage approaching completion.

February 2019
DEM ILAC, Turkey

A large multi-floor Turn-key project, for Pharmaceutical production purposes.
Current Status:
Design stage completed.
Installation expected to commence soon.  

January 2019
CERTILABO, Cleanroom Validation Software

PPG Cleanrooms proudly presents CERTILABO, a software dedicated to qualification and validation of cleanrooms, mostly for use in the pharmaceutical industry, but could be for the health, microelectronics and food industry also. It is the first of its kind in the world. It is designed to reduce paperwork and the inefficient loss of man hours in the qualification process, digitalising the whole procedure, making it easier and more simple.
In view of strict International regulations and standards, the companies in the above-mentioned industries are obliged to perform periodic validation of their cleanrooms, so we believe our software would be of great benefit and value for them.

January 2019
PPG Cleanrooms launch new digitally controlled PASS BOX

Traditional Pass boxes have always tended to be mechanical and manual. Not anymore!
PPG Cleanrooms is proud to launch our new Pass Box, which incorporates a digital control panel that can take care of a number of clever functions. Please click Pass Box image or have a look under our Cleanroom Equipment menu for more information on this exciting new product from PPG Cleanrooms.

December 2018
MAM Project, Macedonia

A Turn-key project, building an entire cleanroom laboratory to be used in the production of Cannabis oil for medicinal purposes.

Current Status:
Installation completed.
Testing & validation to commence soon.

September 2018
PPG Cleanrooms was at CPhl Middle East & Africa 2018, Abu Dhabi

Did you get the opportunity to visit our booth at CPhI 2018, Abu Dhabi?

If so, we hope that you enjoyed your visit and the hospitality offered at our stand.

The exhibition was a great success for PPG Cleanrooms and it provided the opportunity to present our Turn-Key Cleanroom solutions to a wider audience in the pharmaceutical industry in the Middle East & Africa region.

If you have further enquiries or in case you want more information in relation to how we can help with your Cleanroom requirements, please feel free to contact us at:


You can also engage with us online through our LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.