Four-day workweek

We have recently decided to play our part in creating a new way of working: as of 2024, we are introducing a four-day workweek!

The idea is not a new one, but it seems to have come under greater consideration since the COVID-19 pandemic generated a broad re-evaluation of how we work, including a great work-from-home migration and hybrid office implementation.

New production facility

NAYA Life Sciences opens a new production facility in Izmir, Turkey, to serve the growing demand for prefabricated modular cleanroom solutions. This site has an advantageous geographical position, close to current and potential new customers. 

The 35.000 m2 facility produces all components for NAYA Modular Cleanrooms, employing over 100 experienced technical and administrative staff. It is fully automated with the latest equipment and technology. 

Increased use of modular cleanrooms

At NAYA Life Sciences, we have been developing prefabricated cleanrooms over the past years as a cost-effective solution to creating contamination-controlled areas. Over the past 18 months, we have seen an increase in demand for cleanrooms that are easy to build and scalable. 

We are witnessing a changing and increasing demand towards modular cleanrooms and it is not just about growth, it is also about a mindset shift in the marketplace from traditional fixed builds to facilities that offer flexibility. 


Pharmaceutical Engineering

Pharmaceutical companies are entrusted to produce the safest and highest quality products for their consumers.That is why the Pharmaceutical Cleanroom industry is subject to the strictest regulations and specifications in view of the highly sensitive and important work that is carried out within them.

Turn-Key Solutions

At PPG Cleanrooms we do not simply manufacture cleanrooms. We undertake the entire cleanroom project from its design and planning, providing a turn-key service from start to finish and building each cleanroom project in line with the specific requirements of each individual client. Unlike most other cleanroom companies, we do not require any third party suppliers.

Manufacturing Excellence

We have outstanding in-house manufacturing capacity and facilities, specially selected teams of highly skilled, competent people and our culture of great care that enable us to guarantee great quality and performance, along with the quickest completion and delivery times.