Fan Filter Unit (FFU)

Fan Filter Units (FFU) are essential for the supply of ‘purified air’ and are most commonly used in cleanrooms, laboratories, medical facilities and micro-environments. They are motorised units which contain their own integrated HEPA-filters, fans and control systems, which enable them to remove harmful airborne particles from the air supply that is constantly being recirculated.
The units are installed within a facility’s ceiling or floor grid. Larger cleanrooms tend to require a proportionally large number of FFUs, which in some cases may range from several hundred to several thousand units.
Our FFU module comprises a stainless steel housing (1.5mm) containing a high performance, encapsulated, direct driven, backward curved EC fan/motor combination and a replaceable HEPA or ULPA filter.
  1. HEPA downflow filters, replaceable from within the booth.
  2. LED light
  3. PVC curtain
  4. New high efficiency EC fan technology, motor as semblies
  5. F9 Compact Filter (initial pressure drop from the filter is 185pa, final pressure drop is 300pa)
  6. Smart Touch Panel Operation