Downflow Booth (DFB)

Keeping workers safe from airborne particles that can damage their health is a legal requirement across many industries and under various regulations around the world. The safer working environment and high levels of protection DFBs provide (as an alternative to other cumbersome personal protection equipment) has led to the adoption of this clean air technology across pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and many other industries.
Downflow Booths provide containment by utilising high velocity air to capture hazardous airborne particles. The downward flow of unidirectional air entrains the hazardous particles released from the process, away from the operator. The particles entrained in this downward airflow are then recaptured by a low level exhaust and passed through pre-filters and HEPA filters to substantially remove the hazardous elements.
The velocity of the airflow can be adjusted by changing the speed of the fans. Therefore, our system has been designed with fans that can be adjusted via a smart digital touch panel. Our system also includes an integrated velocity probe to constantly monitor air velocity. The filters we use in our DFBs are H14. There are also F9 prefilters behind the suction grills.
  1. HEPA downflow filters, replaceable from within the booth.
  2. LED light
  3. PVC curtain
  4. New high efficiency EC fan technology, motor as semblies
  5. F9 Compact Filter (initial pressure drop from the filter is 185pa, final pressure drop is 300pa)
  6. Smart Touch Panel Operation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Healthcare
  • Cosmetics
  • Food
  • Chemical
  • Metal finishing
  • Sampling